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Choosing a Kitchen or Bath Designer

A homeowner embarking on a kitchen or bathroom design project may find themselves quickly overwhelmed with the choices. How to choose the best style? Is this product right for the space? How to maximize the area for the best use? Even the savviest homeowner can quickly come to the conclusion that they need help. This is where hiring a kitchen or bathroom designer becomes the first choice to be made.

Why Use a Kitchen or Bathroom Designer?

There are many benefits to using a kitchen or bathroom designer. For a complete renovation kitchen and bath designers can help with space planning to maximize a small space, or plan the working triangle of the kitchen. They will also have knowledge and relationships with showrooms and vendors, leading homeowners to the products that will suit them best.

Kitchen and bath designers often have knowledge of local plumbing and building codes, as well as guidelines for maximizing use of the space. There are also designers who specialize in green building and universal design, for homeowners with special concerns.

How do Kitchen and Bath Designers and an Interior Designers Differ?

A kitchen or bathroom designer is someone who specializes in these spaces. An interior decorator has a more diffuse knowledge of what is going to look good in the home, while a kitchen or bath designer will have a specialized knowledge of the space, the layout, even basic plumbing and building codes. Sinks, toilets, cabinets and hardware can all take specialized knowledge that a kitchen or bath designer can provide.

Choosing the Designer

The first step to choosing a kitchen or bathroom designer is to check out their certification and experience. Are they affiliated with the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA), or its equivalent? What certification levels have they passed? What courses have they taken? The designer should be current with their certifications, and up to date on current design theories and trends.

Ask to see examples of recent work, as well as recommendations from customers. Make sure that their style matches the design envisioned, and that they have a large body of work, as well as satisfied customers.

Find out what showrooms and contractors they have relationships with, and take a look at the products and services offered. Find out if the designer will accompany homeowners to select product, or merely point them in a direction to take. If the choices on offer do not line up with the desired style, or are too few in number, move on.

Above all, be sure that this is a person that listens to the concerns of the homeowner, and is someone that meshes well with them, personality wise. This is someone that will be involved in every step of the design process, which can be lengthy, so be sure to feel comfortable with them.

Whether using a kitchen or bathroom design firm or simply utilizing a designer to offer advice and guidelines, the process of a kitchen or bathroom remodel should go much smoother with their help. Engage the services of a kitchen or bathroom designer today and get started on a beautiful new home.







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